Forceflo Plant & Machinery CC

forceflo-7Forceflo has also expanded into the injection moulding market by purchasing an existing business marketing and manufacturing a fully comprehensive range of top quality headboards, load spreaders and blasting barricades for the underground mining support industry.  This plant includes injection moulders (up to 600 tons) and all the machinery to process the raw material i.e. granulators, moulders, mixers ext. All products are backed up by a properly equipped factory and staffed with in-house trained personnel.

From our factory’s inception 8 years ago our manufacturing department accepted the challenge of recycling second-hand plastic waste into high quality user – end products with specific emphasis placed on mining support products. We use up to 40 tons of recycled plastic material per month thereby making a significant contribution to the environment, and a spirit of shared responsibility within our community.  Our first fully operational wash plant was completed 6 months ago.  This will eventually enable us to tender on underground plastic waste disposal contracts from the mines.

To enhance our current range of products we have acquired a now fully operational stub manufacturing Business for HDPE Pipes . The stub is a coller that is welded on a HDPE Pipe to facilitate the coupling between pipes .We fabricate sizes ranging from 20mm up to 1000mm .Forceflo is one of two Companies in South Africa with this capacity . We have also acquired a Pipe Bending Plant where we bend HDPE Bends up to Dia 800mm.  We recently installed a full range of HDPE Extruders to make pipes up to 3150mm in diameter . This is to extend our range of products and also create more employment in an area of the country where job creation is of vital importance