With a history of nearly 15 years of support and services to the industry, the Forceflo group of companies are now one of the leading forces in the South African mining and civils industry. The business originally started by introducing UPVC pipes to the mining industry, but as we expand we sold that  division to expand our other interest in our current ventures.  The entrepreneurial spirit shared by our management team, ensured that our customers always enjoy access to leading edge products and systems that represents the peak current international technology.

By continued commitment we became a trading house with vendor codes on all the major mining houses in South Africa  e.g. Goldfields , AngloGold, , Placer Dome Western area Joint Venture , Harmony ,DRD , Xtrata Chrome , Xtrata Coal ,Lohnmin , Anglo Coal etc ,  and also several municipalities and engineering consultants like Dorbyl, V3 Consulting, Ninham Shand Consulting Engineers , etc

The company trade on the mines as Industrial Pumping Systems CK 88/04997/23         t/a Forceflo

IPS  PLANT & MACHINERY   CK 1998/008386/23

IPS   PROPERTIES  CK 1997/064278/23

IPS   PROJECTS  CK 1997/11580/23


FORCEFLOW PTY ( LTD ) Reg 1983/009081/07